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The reality of cheap boiler quotes

If you need a new boiler replacement, getting the cheapest quote might give you peace of mind knowing you’ve saved yourself some serious money.

But in reality that cheap boiler quote is most definitely going to give you problems.


Cheap boiler quotes tend to come from plumbers and companies that only care about one thing, QUICK MONEY. Boilers they can install quick, without any care, attention to detail and without following the correct installation procedure. In and out in less than half a day which you may think, “Great! That was quick, Thanks”.

And when you do get problems the plumber or company who installed it isn’t answering your calls for help because in reality that plumber doesn’t care and has left you back at square one, a boiler that isn’t working.

How much should a new boiler cost?

A typical 3 bed house in Northampton with 1 or 2 bathrooms, a new boiler will generally cost between £1,480 and £1,970 including installation – *Depending on the boiler you choose.

At THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton we only install modern boilers are built to perform efficiently not only do we recommend reliable, high-quality and solidly built boilers but we install them with care, attention to detail and correctly. If you’re looking for a new boiler, you need the right company to install it, choose THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton.

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