Northampton Plumbers 5 Tips for you at home

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Plumbing is something that every one of us uses and relies on at home. From our bathrooms to our kitchens, making sure all of your plumbing pipes are running smoothly and efficiently is important. We have come up with some great plumbing tips, tricks and advice for you to try at home. 1, Take more […]

How to Silicone like a Plumber

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Today we are going to talk about how to silicone like a plumber! How to silicone around a bath? Before you start applying your silicone, you need to clean around where you are going to seal, making sure you get rid of any old sealant, dust or dirt. Fill the bath up with water to […]

New Boiler and MagnaClean System

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Just a quick post of one of our plumbers went out to replace a old boiler with a new Worcester boiler with the MagnaClean system filter fitted. The new boiler was relocated.

Which Carbon Monoxide Detector? (Which one to buy?)

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Guide to Choosing the right Carbon Monoxide Detector Don’t just buy any carbon monoxide detector, We’ve made a quick list of the brands we recommend you should buy below: FireAngel Nest Honeywell These types of brands are widely available from shops such as B&Q, Wickes, John Lewis, Homebase and Screwfix. We don’t recommend buying a detector […]

All about Underfloor Heating

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Installing underfloor heating When people choose to have underfloor heating, most employ a local plumber who specialises in underfloor heating. These professionals are best placed to advice on what system will be best for your home and budget. If you don’t already know they are two types of underfloor heating, one being a dry system which […]

Test your Heating System NOW! (Before it’s to late)

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What to do NOW before it’s too late… In the colder months, your heating system is put through the test. What you need to do NOW before it’s too late… keep reading! Imagine your really cold, your dog is shaking and the kids have taken their blankets off their bed and taken them downstairs! (Leaving the bedrooms really […]

The Different Types of Boilers (Which one do I need?)

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There are three main types of boiler: combi boiler system boiler and conventional boiler But which type of boiler do you need for your home? Keep reading Combi Boilers Combi Boilers or Combination boilers are the most popular kind in the UK and most commonly installed in small to medium homes, they provide heat and hot water […]

How to fix a leaky tap

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Typically most people when they get a tap that is leaking they think the tap needs to be replaced. So what do people do? Buy a new tap and call a plumber to come and fit that brand new tap that just cost £30. When a tap starts to leak, it means that your tap […]