Our Plumber covers a wide range of Plumbing Services covering Northampton

We are here for when you need a professional plumber who is available for all your plumbing needs such as plumbing installations, leaky radiators, tap & shower replacements, burst pipe replacements and leaking heating systems.

When you need a plumber and one that will give honest advice and do the job right by doing it right the first time, properly and without cutting corners, your already in the right place.

We have a strong track record of providing excellent customer service, providing top quality plumbing and making sure the plumbing work does stand the test of time.

Northampton General Plumbing Services

Your local plumber, here to help with all sorts of plumbing services across your home.

  • Tap Replacements (DIY - Do it yourself)
  • Sink & Shower Replacements
  • Plumbing Installations
  • Outside Tap Installations
  • Radiator Fitting
  • Pipe Replacements
  • Burst Pipe Replacements
  • Hidden leak Repairs

When you contact us, you’ll be glad to know that our plumber has extensive plumbing installation experience.

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Qualified Plumber

Vetted, fully insured, approved & guaranteed to get the job done. We have passed Google screening and verification process meaning you can trust us. It is important to use a qualified city and guilds plumber to have complete peace of mind.

Our plumber can handle the most simple to the most complex plumbing installation and repairs

Why Us?

If you're looking for reliable, quality and a trouble-free plumber, you're already in the right place. From the most simple plumbing install to a more complex plumbing and heating project.

We’ve yet to be stumped on any problematic plumbing or heating system we come across. Still not sure? Here are another 5 reasons why you should choose us.

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Frequently asked questions

When should you call an Plumber?

There are three main instances when you should consider calling a plumber.

  1. When you don’t have any water coming out your taps, nothing beyond a drip.
  2. You have low water pressure, this can be a sign of a major plumbing problem
  3. Your taps are dripping, a little drip could lead to hundreds of pounds added to your water bill

How much does a plumber cost?

The cost of calling a plumber can vary greatly and depends on multiple factors:

  1. The day you are calling. Weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends.
  2. The time you call. It’s always cheaper between the hours of 8 and 4.
  3. What plumbing is involed and how long will it take to finish

How much does a Plumber Cost?

£45 - £85

Typical plumber costs are between £45 and £85

For a more detailed plumber cost idea, read our how much is a plumber in Northampton?

How to find the best plumber near me?

Choosing the right plumber can be a very difficult. If, like most people, you are searching on the internet for the best plumber, we advise you look at the plumbers’ online ratings and comments.

Most plumbers list their qualifications on their website so make sure you check them.

We have excellent ratings across all websites they are listed on.

Trusted Plumbers Northampton

Plumbing services for complete peace of mind

The quality of our services that we offer to Northampton is second to none.

We are fully qualified and insured, unlike many rogue plumbers that are appearing in the Northampton area, we are passionate about plumbing, giving great service and doing the job right. We’ve yet to be stumped on any problematic plumbing or heating system we come across. Our plumber is qualified to fix all types of plumbing – from minor to major plumbing problems.

Cheap fittings and not thought out planning, unprepared plumbing works by previous plumbing firms can be disastrous. Our plumber is available to put right your plumbing disasters.

Plumbing Northampton that you can trust
Northampton Plumbing at its worst - bad install

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5 more reasons why you should choose us

We have the capabilities and the qualifications to carry out a wide variety of plumbing that provides you with reliable, professional service that meets all your plumbing needs.

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