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Boiler Servicing Northampton

It is critical that you must service a boiler each year!

To make sure that your boiler stays in good working order, we recommend that your boiler is serviced annually.

Why? If your boiler is not serviced regularly, this can have a higher risk of having major problems, such as a carbon monoxide leak. You will never know that carbon monoxide is leaking from your boiler unless you know the symptoms. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colourless, scentless and tasteless.

Having your boiler serviced annually will not only just save your life but save your family, and anyone that stays in your home!

Your boiler should be serviced by a fully qualified, gas safe plumber. This indicates that your plumber is qualified to safely perform work on your boiler.

To learn more about gas safety checks, read our other blog post about Gas Safety Checks. You can also find out more about carbon monoxide by reading our carbon monoxide blog post Carbon Monoxide – What is it? and why is it so important?

Important steps for a Gas heating engineer to take during a boiler service:

Before performing the boiler service, the gas heating engineer will cover the work area with protective sheeting to prevent any damages in your home.

Before starting the service, the gas heating engineer needs to check first if the boiler, pipework and the flue are properly installed.

Both the external and the main components inside the boiler will be checked.

The gas engineer will also observe if the boiler operates properly and if there are no unsafe emissions released.

It’s important for the gas heating engineer to remove the casing of the boiler in order to inspect its internal components, which include the burner, the heat exchanger and the spark ignition electrode.

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