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Common boiler repair and boiler service faults that mean it's time to service your boiler more regularly - Save ££'s

Boiler Repair Faults

Boiler Service Faults

Technical Boiler Repair Northampton - Emergency Boiler Repair Engineers

Fast Response boiler repair technicians just a phone call away

There's never a good time to need a boiler repair. Thankfully you're in the right place to get it back up and running.

Unfortunately, when you boiler breaks down its most likely to break down during the winter, when you rely on it every day to bring you heating and hot water. Boilers tend to develop faults over summer when reduced use can cause the internal components to seize up.

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Boiler Service Northampton

One-Off or annually - Choose us to carry out a boiler service on your boiler as a one-off or as an annual maintenance service

To make sure that your boiler stays in good working order, we recommend that you book a boiler service annually.

Having your boiler service annually will save you in costly repair bills. Our boiler service is very thorough, we check for safely and efficiently, we strip and clean each component making sure for the next year, your boiler will run flawlessly.

Best Boiler Maintenance Service in Northampton

Our boiler service is unrivalled. This is, unlike other firms, best boiler service in Northampton. The checks and procedures we perform on a boiler service is unlike any other firm in Northampton. We cover so much more than just visual checks, our boiler service involes breaking down each component, cleaning them and putting everything back together.

During the boiler service, the engineer will identify any safety issues and report any failing parts. The service engineer will also make sure your boiler is running efficiently and will ensure all the components are in the best possible condition by stripping down the boiler component by component, cleaning and testing.

Your boiler will most likely have a manufacturer's warranty of between 1 – 12 years which means any faults that develop in that time will be repaired (parts and labor) free of charge. This manufacturer's warranty will only be valid as long as the boiler is serviced by a gas safe engineer.

Nasty rat chewed up toilet pan connector, new fixed.
VIESSMANN Boiler Repair Northampton - Boiler Leak and Repair
BAXI Boiler Service, Repair Experts.
BAXI Boiler Service, Repair Experts

Our Boiler Service checklist

Our boiler service Northampton engineers will come and visit your home at a time that is arranged during the booking and only when convenient for you, our technical boiler service specialists are extremely knowledgeable with major boiler manufacturers such as Intergas, Ideal, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, BAXI and Viessmann.

  • Before performing the boiler service, our gas engineer will cover the work area with protective sheeting to prevent any damages to your floor.
  • Before starting the service, our boiler engineer needs to check first, if the boiler pipework including gas pipework and water pipework and the flue, are properly installed..
  • The engineer will remove the boiler casing to check all main boiler components, such as the burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark and sensor prob
  • Our boiler engineer will use a flue gas analyser to chcek the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air, we also check to make sure the flue is not blocked.
  • We strip and clean the boilers heat exchanger and put it back together
  • Check electrical connections are clean and in good condition
  • Our boiler engineer will also check the boilers fans and other key components are working efficiently
  • Check all seals are intact and put the casing back on and make sure it’s properly sealed
  • A check and cleaning the condensate trap if needed
  • A visual check of the hot water cylinder if present
  • Confirmation in writing that the service has been carried out

Emergency Boiler Repair Northampton

A boiler fault are not always considered an emergency boiler repair

NEVER EVER attempt to carry out an emergency boiler repair yourself. CALL our heating engineers 07588 487682.

If your boiler fault falls into any of the following categories below then it's considered an emergency boiler repair:

  • Gas Leak - Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 - See official GAS Emergency help
  • No heating or hot water in winter if you have children vulnerable people living in the property.
  • Leaking boiler

4 Most Common Boiler Repair and Breakdowns

1, Lack of maintenace/Poor Installation: The most common boiler breakdown is offen due to the lack of maintenace and in some cases, poor installation. Its so important that you maintain your boiler by booking a boiler service once a year.

2, Losing pressure: This could be a fault with the boilers expansion vessel, get this cheecked out. An expansion vessel can last from 5 years to 10 years, so if your boiler is older than 5 years, it could be time for a new expansion vessel.

3, Boiler leaking from the boiler case: This could be a number of problems, one common issue is that a valve is leaking. Get this checked out ASAP.

4, Boiler making noises (Kettling): Boiler kettling occurs when water is heated to boiling point inside the boiler. You can turn down the temperatures on your boiler using the display.

BAXI Boiler repair - now repaired, fixed another happy customer
BAXI Boiler Repair Northampton - Boiler leaking, motor blown