Common Boiler Repair Faults

Northampton Boiler Repair Services by Emergency Boiler Repair Engineers

There's never a good time to need a boiler repair. Thankfully you're in the right place to get it back up and running. 80% of boilers repaired within the first hour with our boiler repair engineers.

Same-day Boiler Repairs - We have same-day boiler repair engineers available in all areas of Northampton.
Emergency Boiler Repair - Leaking Boilers & Boiler breakdowns with fault codes displayed.

Boilers tend to develop faults over summer when reduced use can cause the internal components to seize up. So when you need your boiler most for hot water and heating, is your boiler going to give you it? Only one way to guarantee that is to ensure your boiler receives an annual boiler service from us.

technical boiler repair on a boiler that is now running again.
Boiler repair of a leaking boiler, now repaired.
our boiler service is full strip and clean of this beast
Full boiler service, clean and back up and running.

Boiler Repairs to Common Boiler Breakdowns

  • No Heating - No Hot water or both
  • Boiler not turning on
  • Loss of pressure - even after re-pressurising
  • Boiler keeps switching itself off
  • Boiler is kettling
  • Radiators not getting hot - cold at the bottom
  • Boiler Leaking water from underneath
  • Loud banging noises coming from boiler
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Boiler isn’t responding to the thermostat

Who should repair my boiler, a boiler repair engineer or a plumber?

  1. FACT our plumber is qualified and registered gas safe, which means they can repair your boiler with the right tools and knowledge.
  2. FACT plumbers who shy away from showing you their gas safe ID card should not be trusted and told to leave immediately. You should always ask to see your plumbers gas safe ID card before they work on your boiler.
  3. FACT our boiler repair engineers will always carry their gas safe ID card. Any verifiable engineer will.
  4. FACT you should NEVER attempt to carry out an boiler repair yourself, doing so will endanger you and your family. ALWAYS contact a professional boiler repair engineer to carry out the job.
Gas safe boiler repair services carried out by pro engineers check youer boiler repair engineers gas id card

Frequently asked questions

There are three main instances when you should consider calling a boiler repair service.

My boiler is leaking, help!?

Many issues could cause your boiler to leak water. It will depend on where the water is leaking from to determine the cause. Never attempt to repair your own boiler. Excessive pressure in your boiler can cause a boiler leak. If your boiler is leaking, you need a boiler repair.

My boiler keeps loosing pressure, why?

A leak in the system is the most common reason for a loss of boiler pressure. It could also be time to replace the boilers expansion vessel if it's more than 5 - 10 years old. Read more about boiler pressure and how to repair it

Read on how to repressurise your boiler.

I have no heating or hot water, what should I do?

No heating or hot water? Is there a fault code displayed on the boiler display? If so it might be worth investigating what the fault code means, you can use our online boiler fault code guide. Another reason for no heating or hot water could be a frozen condensate pipe or airlock. Check the boiler display for any fault codes.

How much is a boiler repair in Northampton?

The cost of a boiler repair can vary greatly depend on multiple factors: - Damage, Parts & How old the boiler is.

Given the range of different boilers we repair on a daily basis, the typical cost of a boiler repair is between £80 to £500 pound, depending on the kind of problem. A common repair to a failed diverter valve will be between £163 to £393 pound, depending on what damage has been done.

Boiler Repair Costs:

£80 - £500

Typical boiler repair costs are between £80 and £393

For a more detailed repair cost idea, read our how much is a boiler repair?

Solving your Boiler Repair Problems from our Specialists 7 days a week

Unfortunately, when your boiler breaks down it's most likely to break down during the winter when you rely on it daily to bring you heating and hot water. Boilers tend to develop faults over summer when reduced use can cause the internal components to seize up.

We only correct what is wrong to get your boiler back up and running again. Usually, for a boiler breakdown, it is just caused by one failed part, we will find it out and get it replaced.

Our engineers are available 7 days a week. We operate a fast same day service throughout all of our coverage areas, particularly when a boiler repair emergency arises. Contact us on 01604 212732

Reasons why you should choose us to repair your boiler

  1. Our very own well equipped boiler repair expert will visit and carry out the repair on your boiler
  2. Local, honest, and affordable boiler repair service in all areas of Northampton
  3. A real expert boiler repair technician with 20 plus years experience will advice you on what went wrong and how to prevent it happening again

Annual Boiler Service - Avoid a boiler breakdown by getting your boiler serviced

One-Off or annually - Choose us to carry out a boiler service on your boiler as a one-off or as an annual maintenance service every year.

To make sure that your boiler stays in good working order, we recommend that you book a boiler service annually.

Having your boiler service annually will save you in costly repair bills. Our boiler service is very thorough, we check for safely and efficiently, we strip and clean each component making sure for the next year, your boiler will run flawlessly.

Our boiler service is unrivalled. This is, unlike other firms, best boiler service in Northampton. The checks and procedures we perform on a boiler service is unlike any other firm in Northampton. We cover so much more than just visual checks, our boiler service involes breaking down each component, cleaning them and putting everything back together.

During the boiler service, the engineer will identify any safety issues and report any failing parts. The service engineer will also make sure your boiler is running efficiently and will ensure all the components are in the best possible condition by stripping down the boiler component by component, cleaning and testing.

Your boiler will most likely have a manufacturer's warranty of between 1 – 12 years which means any faults that develop in that time will be repaired (parts and labor) free of charge. This manufacturer's warranty will only be valid as long as the boiler is serviced by a gas safe engineer.

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