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Air Conditioning Installations - Northampton A/C Expert Engineers.

We can Install Air Conditioning Systems

Northampton Air Conditioning Services.

Are you Looking to have air conditioning system in your home or office? We don't just fit gas boilers, we also supply, install, service and repair air conditioning systems in Northampton.

Want an Air Conditioning System in your home for the Summer?- Call our Engineers now.

We have a team of fully qualified, experienced and well equipped air conditioning engineers based in Northampton and Wellingborough who are F-Gas registered.

More people than ever before are enjoying cool, comfortable environments inside their homes on even the hottest of Northampton’s summer days. Air Conditioning is becoming ever more popular and it's not as expensive as you might think, in fact air conditioning is so much cheaper now then it was 10 years ago.

Air Conditioning fitted from £1,100. (depending on system/terms apply) - Call to book.

THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton are fixed system air conditioning installation specialists and as a result we supply and install units made by: Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and more...

5% VAT on Domestic home Air Conditioning Installations.

We are proud to say that our domestic air conditioning installations qualify for reduced-rate VAT at 5% compared to the standard 20% VAT – saving you 15%.

Home & Office Air Conditioning Installations.

home installed air conditioning unit.
office installed air conditioning unit.
office kitchen installed air conditioning unit, happy customer

We can install your new Air Conditioning system anywhere in your home or office, the most common places for units to be installed are in the conservatory, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Unsure of the running cost of a new system? Well on average an 2kW unit may cost you around 7.9p per hour to run. Modern systems can run at around 7.1p per hour.

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Air Conditioning fitted to your conservatory.

conservatory installed A/C

We can install your Air Conditioning system to any room but the conservatory is most popular place to have one fitted.

Air Conditioning fitted to your caravan or lodge.

caravan installed Air Conditioning system

We can install your Air Conditioning system to your static caravan so you can keep warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

Air Conditioning
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