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Your homes plumbing system

Wear and tear on your homes plumbing system is inevitable.

Maintenance is essential on almost of your plumbing appliances, including boilers, radiators, pipework, taps, showers and many other appliances in your plumbing system.

Even without the obvious risk of burst pipes or a contaminated supply, poorly maintained plumbing can still cost you money.

Over some years, small leaks can cause the system to lose water, which in turn can affect your water pressure, and the quality of your water supply.

If you have noisy pipes, running your taps should flush the air pockets out, and reduce the noise. However, if the problem persists, you should seek professional plumber. If air gets trapped in your pipes, it can cause your pipes to become noisy and annoying! Having air in your plumbing system
can put your plumbing under strain, loosening fittings and joints, and even increasing the chances of pipes cracking.

Every home at some point will have a tap that will leak, even if the tap is turned off. Okay so, your tap in the kitchen is dripping constantly and you have no idea what to do! What you need to do is contact your nearest plumber! If you live in Wellingborough, Northampton or Kettering, our plumbers cover both areas and can come and sort your plumbing problems. Don’t instantly think you need deep pockets to hire a plumber! Our guys will never take advantage of the situation!

Low pressure in your plumbing system can be just as bad as high pressure! Low pressure could be a sign of a blockage, a boiler pump failure, or a leak in the plumbing system.

The first sign that your water pressure has dropped is reduced flow from your taps. Contact your supplier to ensure that the issue is not within the main supply, if you live in Northamptonshire your supplier should be Anglian Water, you can visit the Anglian Water website to contact them.

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