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Avoid a boiler repair in the winter

Boiler breakdowns are a common problem during the winter months and can leave many Northampton homeowners without heating and hot water.

When your boiler breaks down it can happen for several reasons, including, faulty diverter valve, loss of pressure, lack of boiler maintenance, or just that your boiler is old.

If your boiler is old, then you may need to consider looking looking at getting a boiler replacement.

Here at THS Plumbing and Heating we want to give you the best advice on how to avoid a boiler repair situation.

  • Lack of maintenance is a big issue with boiler breakdowns, we recommend that you get your boiler serviced at least once a year.
  • Check to see how old your boiler is, homeowners can overlook the age of their boiler and after a few years, they become less energy efficient. If your boiler is old, it might be worth looking at getting a more energy efficient, eco boiler.
  • Have your boiler running in the summer for just a few minutes can prevent the components seizing up in your boiler.
  • In the summer, get your boiler engineer to run a magnacleanse system on your central heating, this will clear any sludge, debris or blockages and prevent boiler breakdowns. This service should be done every 5 years.

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