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What is Boiler Kettling (Shorts)

Boiler kettling is a mix of whistling, popping and bubbling sounds that come from your old boiler while it’s in operation.

The sometimes loud noise from boiler kettling can be quite disturbing, especially if your boiler is installed in a used room, like your kitchen or a box bedroom.

Why is my boiler making this kettling noise?

There are several reasons why your boiler is making the kettling sound but the 3 most common causes of boiler kettling are leaks, overheating, a buildup of limescale and generally, a lack of boiler servicing.

How to stop boiler kettling?

You are going to need the help of our boiler repair and service engineer who will be able to determine the source of the boiler kettling, then solving it.

Will my boiler explode?

NO. Your boiler “exploding” will be a little dramatic and it doesn’t happen. To prevent any long term damage to your boiler after you hear the kettling sounds, you should address the problem by calling our boiler engineer.

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