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Why a boiler service is so important

Having a boiler service is so important to your boilers overall health, but that’s not the only reason why its so important.

A new boiler replacement would cost between £1,680 and £2,289.  A boiler service will cost £80.00 a year. If you choose not to service your boiler, in as little as 3 years you could be looking at the cost of a replacement boiler, do yourself a favour and book a boiler service with our gas boiler service engineer.

Another important reason why having a service on your boiler is that it maintains the warranty should anything go wrong.

Not just anyone can do this, to keep your boilers warranty valid, your boiler has to be serviced by a registered gas safe engineer.

Also another great reason to have it serviced is be make sure that its running efficient because an inefficient boiler will cost you in energy bills and with the resent sharp rise in the cost of living, this is something you can do without.

If your a landlord in the UK, you should already know this but if you don’t, it is a statutory legal requirement to have a boiler serviced annually, along with any other gas appliances in all your properties.

As well as extending the life of your boiler, maintaining the warranty and saving yourself on a new boiler replacement cost, getting a boiler service will also save your life because an un serviced boiler will leak carbon monoxide eventually into your home causing serious health conditions.

So please, book yourself a boiler service today and remember to get it serviced once a year.

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