MagnaClean Filter - Boiler Filter for your Central Heating System.

MagnaClean Central Heating System Filter

Central Heating System Filter

Interested in a MagnaClean system filter to improve your central heating system?

Having a MagnaClean filter fitted to your boiler will improve it's lifespan. Not only will it improve the lifespan of your boiler but it will also improve the lifespan of your radiators and pipework.

The MagnaClean is a magnetic filter which removes iron oxides sludge and other magnetic particles from the water moving around your central heating system.

MagnaClean Magnetic Filter Video

Why have a MagnaClean Filter? The MagnaClean is a new standard for a good quality heating system, every new boiler installation or boiler replacement is fitted with a MagnaClean system filter. Once you have the MagnaClean filter installed, the filter protects the system by catching rust particles that flow around your central heating system.

It's a vital piece of equipment for an efficient central heating system, extending the life of your boiler and for saving money in the longer term.

What Does it Cost to Fit a MagnaClean? - How much is it?

If you want to make your central heating more efficient by having the MagnaClean System Filter fitted, we would be delighted to supply and install the MagnaClean filter.

  • Supply & Installation
    Supply and Install a brand new MagnaClean Filter to suit your central heating system.
  • Central Heating System Clean
    Clean your heating system by flushing your the system using the MagnaCleanse equipment.
  • Flushing Chemicals
    Supply and use the chemicals needed to flush your central heating system.

All this for £420+VAT if you live in Northampton & Wellingborough.

MagnaClean Filter Service - Boiler Service

Please contact our heating engineers about fitting the MagnaClean filter to your boiler by calling us on - 01604 212732.

MagnaClean Filter fitted by our heating engineers

MagnaClean filter doing its job

We can fit the filter system to your boiler for £420+vat.

The MagnaCleanse Flush

MagnaClean filter doing its job

We use the MagnaCleanse equipment to flush your central heating system before we fit the MagnaClean filter to your boiler.

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