Cheap Plumber VS Skilled Professional Plumber.

Need a plumber? Not just any ‘old’ plumber. But a skilled professional plumber, a plumber who knows his stuff!

The fact is, a skilled plumber isn’t cheap.

An unskilled plumber will generally rip you off.


That unskilled plumber will just guess a price of the top of their head and do a very bad job and when it goes wrong, they will blame you for it. Sound familiar?

As plumbers ourselves we see bad plumbing jobs everyday. We are normally the ones that get called out to repair bad jobs by unskilled cheap plumbers.

A company in Northamptonshire (Not naming) recently was forced to cease trading because of a bad job was done to a boiler installation.

Expensive Plumber? – Corporate plumbing companies. AVOID!

Corporate plumbing companies tend to be more expensive because their plumbers work on commission and that encourages them to oversell you on goods and services. 

Corporate plumbing companies also tend to have awful customer service, so when your boiler breaks down and you need it fixed ASAP, you might find yourself pulling your hair out trying to get a plumber out to fix it for you.

How to find a local plumber – Skilled local pro!

The best advice I can give you is to look on Google for a plumber in your local area, for example, Plumber in Northampton, Plumber in Wellingborough – also check the reviews from previous customers via Google Reviews.

Local plumbing companies and very good, and will be a lot cheaper than any corporate plumbing company.

Skilled Plumber vs Handyman.

It’s easy to see why people get confused because some of the plumbing type jobs can be fixed/repaired by a handyman such as changing a tap, fitting a toilet, perhaps fitting a new bath.

Our plumbers are trained to carry out not only the simple plumbing, but also more complicated issues like problems with hot water cylinders, repairing boilers, fixing airlocks fitting outside taps, and more.

A handyman’s job should stop at fitting boilers, installing radiators, and should never be working with any gas appliance. (without being registered with gas safe)