The Plumbers Blog: How much is our plumber in Northampton?

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The cost of a plumber will depend on what is involved, the length of time it will take, and whether or not it’s an emergency.

When plumbing emergencies happen, most plumbers charge a call-out fee. Usually, this works out at about twice the standard plumbing rate.

Hourly rate

A typical hourly rate for a plumber is around £45 to £85. The hourly rate can vary, often based on lots of different factors like, size of the job, location, experience and more.

Plumbing Costs – A list

  1. Kitchen tap £42£179
  2. Power shower £139£345
  3. Diverter shower £109£454
  4. Outside Tap £120£220
  5. Plumbing Repairs £80£280*
  6. Find out what the costs are to repair your boiler

Need a plumber urgently?

For those times when you want a plumber urgently. Like for example, when you have a burst pipe in the garage and you can’t turn the water off for whatever reason. In cases like these, the plumber will charge you an emergency call-out rate.

Prices for emergency callouts can be as much as twice as much as our typical hourly rates – as much as £100 depending on lots of factors like what tools are required etc.

Prices are typical spoken about when you call or when our plumber arrives.