The Plumbers Blog: Boiler repair cost – How much should a boiler repair cost

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Boiler repair costs can be expensive. It’s not until it breaks on us that we realise how much we rely on it. If you know there’s a problem with your boiler but don’t quite know what the fault is, you can visit our boiler fault code guide which has a list of boiler fault codes listed with whatever boiler make you have.

Never, ever attempt to fix your boiler if it involves opening the boiler casing. Only qualified, boiler repair engineers should go inside the boiler.

How much will it cost you to have a boiler repair?

Each situation is different and depending on which parts need fixing, getting your boiler repaired could end up costing you between £80 and £500 if you live in Northampton.

Minor faults, such as getting a replacement temperature sensor or a replacement pump will cost you about £160 to £300. More serious faults can cost up to £500 should as a new heat exchanger.

Boiler Repair and Cost – A List

  1. Diverter valve £192
  2. Pump £273
  3. Presure swtich £127
  4. Fan £246
  5. Printed circuit board – PCB £278
  6. Heat exchanger £497

Check out the different factors that can affect the price of boiler parts below: