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Boiler repair cost – How much should a repair cost?

Boiler repair costs can vary a lot from job to job. It’s not until it breaks on us that we realise how much we rely on it.

To estimate the average boiler repair cost, consider the following factors:

  • The time needed for the repair
  • Does the boiler require new parts for the repair
  • The age your boiler (getting new parts might be tricky)
  • Condition of your boiler
  • The brand and model of boiler you have may depend on the cost of new parts
Never, ever attempt to fix your boiler if it involves opening the boiler casing. Only qualified, boiler repair engineers should go inside the boiler.

Each situation is different and depending on which parts need fixing, getting your boiler repaired could end up costing you between £85 and £500.

How much will it cost to fix a broken boiler?

Repair type Cost +VAT Average cost
Boiler repair costs £105 – £500 £293
Repair engineer hourly rate £55 – £85 £70 + repair & parts
Emergency boiler repair £210 – £420 £315
Boiler Service £75 – £95 £85

A list of new parts and the costs

  1. Diverter valve £143 – £192
  2. Pump £160 – £273
  3. Presure swtich £98 – £127
  4. Fan £156 – £246
  5. Printed circuit board – PCB £187 – £278
  6. Heat exchanger £422 – £497

Check out the different factors that can affect the price of boiler parts below:

  • How old your boiler is – If your boiler is more than 12 years old, the part required to repair your boiler will most likely be discontinued and even if parts are found, the cost will most likely be twice as much.
  • What company you use to repair your boiler – Many people go for a national company to repair their boiler. Using a national recognised company to repair your boiler could cost you a lot more than just a local boiler repair company.

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