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Common Boiler Repair Faults (And How to Fix Them)

We find out what the most common boiler faults are, if you can fix them yourself or weather you need a boiler repair engineer.

Boiler Repair FAQs

The most common boiler breakdown is often due to the lack of maintenance and in some cases, poor installation..

What is Boiler Kettling (Shorts)

The sometimes loud noise from boiler kettling can be quite disturbing, especially if your boiler is installed in a used room, like your kitchen or a box bedroom.

How to Repressurise a Boiler – Complete Guide for Anyone

Every boiler is different, so its important that you check your boiler manual. Once you have found the boiler manual

Boiler Pressure Too High or Too Low – Find Out Why and How to Repair it

The pressure inside your boiler is an balancing act between water and air, if for whatever reason this pressure becomes too low or too high…

Replace your boiler with a heat pump from 2025

So on May 20th the the government said announced homeowners can apply for a government grant of £5,000…

How much is a boiler service and how often does it need servicing?

Spring season is upon us with summer starting on Tuesday, 21 June 2022. Spring and summer are the best times…

How old is your boiler?

Have you any idea how old it is? Modern boilers are a lot more efficient than ones manufactured and installed 10 years ago.

How do condensing boilers work?

Condensing boilers are highly efficient, safer than non-condensing boilers, and they could save you money on your heating bills

MagnaCleanse vs Power Flush – Which is best?

Just like cars engines, regular maintenance is crucial for a smooth running system. The best way to do this?

The reality of cheap boiler quotes

Getting the cheapest quote might give you peace of mind knowing you’ve saved yourself some serious money.

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