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Common Boiler Repair Faults (And How to Fix Them)

We find out what the most common boiler faults are, if you can fix them yourself or weather you need a boiler repair engineer.

#1 Most Common Boiler Fault

The most common boiler fault is low pressure. Typically below 1bar is going to cause problems with your boiler, display a fault code on the display and will refuse to fire up.

The lack of boiler pressure means it will not function or won’t be able to work as efficiently as it could do.

Your boiler will need to have around 1 to 1.5bar of pressure in the system to fire up, work efficiently and provide hot water and heating.

Fixing your boilers low pressure is something you can do yourself, however if you feel like its too complicated you can seek help from our boiler repair engineer.

Boiler Displaying a Fault Code

For when your boiler is displaying a fault code you can search our boiler guide which will tell you what the problems you are having and how to fix them.

Common Boiler Faults

No Heating – No Hot water or both – When you have heating but no hot water or vice versa the problem could be your boilers diverter valve which has become stuck. The diverter valve switches heat from the boiler between hot water and central heating. Call a boiler repair engineer.

Boiler not turning on – When your boiler isn’t turning on there are a variety of reasons why. Could be a power cut, the pressure could be too high or too low, gas supply, or internal components need replacing.

Loss of pressure – even after re-pressurising – When it comes to fixing a problematic boiler pressure issues you should seek help from our Gas Engineer.

Boiler Leaking water from underneath – This needs urgent attention from an emergency boiler repair engineer – Boiler high pressure, loose joints are all common causes.

Frozen condensate pipe – Read more here

Common Annoying Boiler Problems

Boiler isn’t responding to the thermostat – Generally when this happens its either one or two components that isn’t working. Check to see if your thermostat is or isn’t battery operated and change the batteries if you need to. Usually, your thermostat will alert you that the batteries need changing. If its not the batteries, contact our boiler repair engineer.

Boiler is kettling – If your area has a problem with hard water this could be minerals left behind in the tank. This is mostly harmless however we recommend booking a boiler service.

Radiators not getting hot – cold at the bottom – Common cause of radiators not heating up is an airlock. But if you are certain that there isn’t an airlock, another cause could be sludge. We recommend booking a magnacleanse flush.

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