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Most common Viessmann Boiler Faults

The most common error codes you will find on your Viessmann boiler are 50, 51, 58, 59, the error message Pressure gauge reading lower than 1 bar and in winter the error code F4 EE. If you get this code displaying on the boiler display then this will be a blocked condensate pipe. Let our Northampton boiler repair experts fix your boiler.

If you have 50, 51, 58, 59 – No hot water but heating works – you have a problem with your DHW. DHW tank temperature sensor or lead break has short circuited or an open circuit.

Viessmann Vitodens 200, -W, 222-F, Vitodens 111-W, Vitodens 100-W CombiPLUS, Vitodens 050-W Fault/Error Codes.

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
0B Blocked burner, burner control switches to lockoutVitodens 200 – Vitodens 100-W Flow direction incorrect, Water flow insufficient, Flow switch is defective, The vent system has been effected by severe wind conditions (Need a boiler repair engineer).
0A Vitodens 200 – The fan speed is faulty. The controls switch to lockout. (Need a boiler repair engineer)
0F Vitodens 200-W – Service is required. (Northampton & Wellingborough: Need a boiler service engineer)
E1, E7, E8, E9, EA, EB, EC, FF2 All Viessmann boilers – Fault mode in relation to burner – During calibration ionization is too high
D4 All Viessmann boilers – Fuse F2 has blown or fixed high limit has responded
F6, 58, F9, FE1, FE2, FF6 All Viessmann boilers – Gas pressure switch is showing there is no gas pressure or electrical connection fault – Gas valve shut off, Multiple issues with gas supply, Faulty gas pressure switch (Need a boiler repair engineer)
FC All Viessmann boilers -Fault mode in relation to burner. Faulty gas valve, Vent system blocked, Faulty modulation valve control
38 Vitodens 100-W – Water temperature sensor lead broken – (Need a boiler repair engineer)
35 Vitodens 200 – The reset button has been pressed, whilst the burner is off, but the emissions test switch is turned to the hand symbol.
40, 44 All Viessmann boilers – Heating circuit 2 with mixing valve supply short circuit on temperature sensor
80, 81, 82, 83, FD All Viessmann boilers – Water temperature sensor or burner control unit has short circuited
90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 98, 99, 9A, 9B , 9C, 9E, 9F, AB All Viessmann boilers – Temperature sensor has short circuited
B9, ED, F0, FE5, FEC, FED, FEE, FEF, FFD, FFF All Viessmann boilers – Fault of boiler control unit (Need a boiler repair engineer)
C2-C8, CD-CF, D2-D8, DA-DF, E0 All Viessmann boilers – Open circuit on KM BUS to solar control unit AM1 Extension, DE-DE3 M1, Communication fault
CC, F0 Vitodens 200 – Large voltage fluctuations means the burner control unit switches to lockout – Differential air pressure sensor or open circuit
FE All Viessmann boilers – Faulty main printed circuit board, Fault mode in relation to burner
A3, B0, F1, FE1, FE2 All Viessmann boilers – Check flue gas temperature centre, it may not be properly positioned

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