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Vaillant Boiler F75 Fault

The Vaillant F75 boiler fault. Do you have the F75 fault code displayed on your Vaillant boiler? You need to call our boiler repair engineer who will come and diagnose what is causing the F75 fault and will advice on what to do next.

Vaillant F75 Fault Code – Error Code Explained & How to fix (Updated 2022)

The Vaillant F75 error is a fairly common fault code. When you see this fault code displayed on your Vaillant boiler it could be a number of potential causes. Continue reading..

Vaillant Fault Meaning Possible Causes
F75 F.75 Fault no pressure change No Pressure: Sensor or pump failure, air in system (engineer required)

The F75 fault is typically the most popular vaillant failure and the fault is either something very simple as air in the system or a more problematic cause, such as a failed pump or sensor.

The ecoTEC boilers are renowned for reliability but when a pump fails (part no. 178983) we advice that our boiler engineers come and replace as this isn’t something that can’t be done as a DIY.

F75 Fault

A sensor blockage can cause a F75 fault which is caused either by the build-up of carbon deposits and debris in the filter system from the lack of boiler servicing or the system was not properly cleaned and treated when it was installed (cheap quotes tend to be the reason). The ecoTEC pressure sensor (Vaillant part no. 20059717) can become a problematic issue if you don’t choose to have your boiler serviced every year.

Pump failures on the Vaillant ecoTEC boilers (Vaillant part no. 178983) are again caused by the lack of maintenance. These pumps are called Grundfos which are much more reliable than the Wilo pumps which had a high failure rate.

Vaillant F75 Pump Failure

vaillant pump failure F75 boiler fault

Vaillant Boiler Pump Leak

vaillant pump leak F75 boiler fault

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