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Vaillant F28 Fault – What now?

The Vaillant F28 fault code. Do you have the F28 fault code displayed on your Vaillant boiler? You need to call our boiler repair Northampton engineer who will come and diagnose what is causing the F28 fault and will advice on what to do next.

Vaillant F28 Fault Code – Error Code Explained & How to fix (Updated 2022)

When you see the F28 Fault on your Vaillant boiler its means the boiler has failed to ignite. No gas supply.

F28 Fault is seen on the more expensive Vaillant boilers such as the ecoTEC Pro and the ecoTEC Pro Plus which are commonly fitted to council houses in Northampton which were installed around 2016.

Vaillant Fault Meaning Possible Causes
F28 F.28 Fault Failed to ignite Failed: Boiler won’t ignite/failed: No gas or insufficient gas, igition lead (Ran out of credit on the gas – Pay as you go), condensate pipe

When there isn’t any gas supply to your boiler it means that a flame cannot heat the water that heats your home and hot water. This is essential for your home to have hot water and to heat your radiators.

The F28 fault should be diagnosed and resolved by our boiler repair engineer.

How to fix the Vaillant F28 fault

To get your Vaillant boiler working quickly and safely we strongly recommend that the F28 fault be fixed by our knowledgeable boiler engineer. If you find out that you have ran out of gas because your gas credit has ran out, simply top up and reset your boiler.

The causes of the Vaillant F28 fault

There are many possible causes of the F28 error code, below are the causes.

No gas supply
The most common cause of no gas supply and the F28 fault is your credit has ran out if you pay for your gas by credit. Another cause of an F28 fault is an issue with your gas supplier. Also check your gas meter to make sure it wasn’t turned off by an accident.

Failed Vaillant spark electrodes
Another F28 fault could lie with the electrodes, if your boiler doesn’t get serviced every year, the electrode in your Vaillant boiler could be defective and fail generating the spark to light the flame. You can fix this yourself if you’re a fully-qualified gas engineer in Northampton / boiler repair engineer.

Frozen Vaillant condensate pipe
Condensate pipes are found on all condensing boilers and is there to send waste gases outside via a plastic pipe. They can often freeze during the winter causing problems when the temperature drops and the boiler to stops working.

Fault F28 Displayed

the f28 fault code displayed on the boiler display

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