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Most common Ideal boiler faults

The L2, Blank Screen, F1 and F2 are the most popular Ideal boiler fault codes. .

Typically the most common is the L2 fault code. The L2 fault code has several causes attached to it such as failing to ignite, loud noise when igniting and more (See below) – If your boiler has locked out and wont reset, you will need a boiler repair.

Ideal Boiler F2 Fault – Another common fault

Another common Ideal boiler fault is the F2 fault – Flame loss. The F2 has many possible causes which include; Gas pressure, No gas supply, Faulty Fan, Faulty electrical components – PCB or Pump.

Ideal Logic Plus, Max – Ideal Vogue GEN2

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
L1 Water flow – Loss of water / lack of water Reset boiler
L2 Ignition lockout – Common – The cause behind this will need to be identified Engineer required
L3 Thermistor fault – L3 typically indicates that someone has changed the printed circuit board. Wrong boiler chip Engineer required
L9/LA/H9/HA Boiler OverheatingL1 Reading Could indicate that the temperature on your resistance reading is too high, Bleed your radiators or call a boiler engineer
LF Ignition fault – Boiler may have locked out – Engineer required
L5 Boiler fault – Someone may have reset the boiler 5 times in 15 minutes. Reset boiler at the fuse spur. Call a boiler engineer if needed
L6 Flame fault – Flame before gas fault – Reset boiler.
FD Boiler faults – Water – Water flow OR pump fault – fault during installation Engineer required
F1 Low water pressure – Boiler system doesn’t have enough water. Re-pressure to 1.5 Engineer required
F2 Flame fault – This usually means that there has been a flame loss during operation. This issue could be caused by deeper system errors such as incorrect gas pressure, an issue with your flue, a faulty gas valve, an incorrect adjustment of a valve or a fan fault. Engineer required
F3 Fan fault – Loose or damaged fan. Loose or damaged connections Engineer required
F4 Thermistor fault – F4 fault code tends to signify a problem with your boiler’s flow thermistor. Engineer required
F5 Thermistor fault – Faulty NTC return thermistor. Engineer required
F6 Sensor fault – System’s outside sensor is broken or faulty. Engineer required
F7 Low voltage – The voltage to the boiler has dropped below 190vac. Engineer required
F9 PCB Fault – The F9 fault code on your Ideal boiler typically relates to an unconfigured printed circuit board (PCB). Engineer required
C2 Boiler Chip fault – The boiler chip card has an internal error or an activation fault. Engineer required
C0 signal issue fault – Pump overrun due to poor heating circulation. Thermostats signals could be cutting in and out. Engineer required
NO DISPLAY PCB – There is an issue with your printed circuit board. Engineer required
NO/POOR HOT WATER Hot Water – If your heating is working but your hot-water is not being delivered as usual, it typically won’t be a fault with the boiler. Engineer required
NO/POOR HEATING Central Heaeting – If your DHW (domestic hot water) is okay, this is not typically a fault with the boiler, but instead a problem with your radiators. Engineer required
HIGHT GAS BILLS BOILER – Check your boilers efficiency label. How old is the boiler? Invest in a new A-rated heating system

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