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Intergas Boiler Repair of the Fault Code 4

The intergas fault code 4 is a flame failure fault and is telling you that the boiler can not be run safely and your boiler has locked out as a safety precaution.

The Intergas Fault 4 Code - Error Code Explained & How to fix

When you see the fault code 4 on your Intergas boiler its means the boiler has stoped working (locked), resetting your Intergas boiler will not solve this fault.

Intergas Fault Meaning Possible Causes
4 No flame signal to PCB No flame signal/lockout: No flame signal detected, Check gas credit, valve or pressure to low. Check jet and sensors.

For safety reasons your Intergas boiler has prevented itself from running because a no flame signal to the printed circuit board can not be detected.

Fixing the fault 4 on your Intergas boiler

The fault 4 is a fix that you should never attempt to fix it yourself. The error 4 is a issue that could lie with the flame sensor or gas valve and you should never try to fix this sort of fault yourself, we recommend that you contact our boiler repair engineer.

What else could cause the fault 4 error?

When your Intergas boiler is working without any errors, when you use your heating or use the hot water tap , the printed circuit board inside your boiler which is effectively the 'brain' of the boiler, will tell the gas valve to open, which will allow gas to ignite and you get a flame, when you see the fault 4 error on your Intergas boiler, it means that the printed circuit board didn't see any signal and will shutdown the boiler (lockout).

The fault 4 could also lay within the printed circuit board, the flame sensor or the gas valve.

The printed circuit board could be at fault and will need to be tested by our boiler repair Northampton engineer. In most cases though, your printed circuit board is working and the fault is most likely something else.

It's also very unlikely that the fault is the flame sensor and the problem could very well be the gas valve that controls the flow of gas into the burner. The gas valve is a mechanical part and can, like many mechanical parts, wear out over time. When this happens, the valve can get stuck open or closed which will send a fault 4 code on your intergas display. Call our boiler repair engineer who will come and investergate the problem.

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