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Most common Intergas Boiler Faults

While Intergas boilers are extremely reliable appliances, Intergas boilers only have 2 common faults. #1, One being a common fault that every boiler has and that is a blocked condensate pipe. #2, Two is an error code 1 on the display which is very simple to fix and you shouldn't need one of our gas engineers.

The Intergas error code 1 fix:

The reason why your intergas boiler is showing a error code 1 (Overheating) on the display is because of air in the system. Having air in the system can prevent water from circulating around the heating system. To remove this air, you need to bleed your radiators one by one. Or get one of our boiler repair experts to help out.

Intergas boiler warranties

Depending on what boiler model you have, intergas boiler warranties are between 3 and 10 years. If your boiler was installed by one of our gas engineers we can extend the boiler warranty of up tp 12 years.

Intergas HRE Compact Combi Boiler, HRECO Boiler & Intergas ecorf Boiler

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
1 Overheating - Fault code 1 means that the boiler temperature is too high / The appliance becomes too hot, there is insufficient flow and may result in excessive pressure. You can do a DIY fix by bleeding your radiators.
4 No ignition - Fault code 4 means that no ignition flame signal has been detected. The burner does not light. Check that the gas tap is open. If not, open fully. Press the reset switch. The appliance will then restart. A Boiler Engineer is required.
5 Weak ignition - Fault code 5 means that a weak ignition flame signal has been detected.
6 Flame error - Fault code 6 means that an ignition flame detection error has occurred.

Intergas Xclusive Boiler and Xtreme Error Codes

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
F000 Sensor - Heat exchanger sensor needs replacing. (Replace S1 and/or S2).
F001 Overheating - Temperature too high during central heating demand Air could be in system, central heating system needs bleeding. There could be an error with the pump & it might need replacing. Pump setting too low, check setting. You need a Boiler Engineer for this repair.
F002 Overheating - Domestic hot water (DHW) demand (Replace S1 or S2- Check cables) The wiring of DHW sensor needs checking, possible breakage.
F003 Overheating - Heat exchanger needs checking for contamination. You need a Boiler Engineer for this repair.
F004 Startup Fault - Gas valve is closed. Condensation drain is blocked and ignition needs checking.
F005 Flame Fault - Condensation drain could be blocked, the air supply duct and flue needs checking for possible recirculation or blockage of flue gases.
F006 Flame Fault - Gas valve could need replacing or burner controller could need replacing.
F007 Fault - Wiring of ionisation/ignition pin could have a breakage shut down and could need replacing.
F008 Fan Fault - (Fan catching on casing- Check cable/replace fan.) Fan cable needs checking, fan or burner controller could need replacing.
F009 Internal Fault - Burner controller needs replacing.
F010, F011 Sensor - Possible issue with heat exchanger sensor, breakage or not connected properly.
F012 Sensor - Sensor 5 Wiring for flue gas sensor needs checking, possible breakage.
F014 Sensor - Heat exchanger sensor is not mounted correctly and needs to be mounted properly.
F015 Sensor - Sensor S1 Central heating flow sensor is not mounted correctly and needs mounting properly.
F016 Sensor - Sensor S3 Domestic hot water sensor is not mounted correctly and needs mounting properly.
F018 Fault - The flue and/or air supply duct could need cleaning.
F019 Fault - Check the BMM wiring for breakages / BMM wiring could need replacing.
F027 Sensor - Outdoor sensor could have a wiring issue, check and replace the outdoor sensor.
F028 Fault - The reset button needs checking for unintentional operation e.g. cleaning of control panel. Burner controller might need replacing.
F029 Fault - Gas valve needs checking for leakage / burner controller could need replacing.
F030 Sensor - Sensor S3 Check (faulty gas valve relay) wiring of domestic hot water sensor for breakage or shutdown domestic hot water sensor – it could need replacing.
F031 Sensor - Sensor S1 Check wiring of central heating flow sensor for breakage and shutdown. Check that weather central heating flow sensor is connected correctly.

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