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BAXI Boiler Fault E133 Code - What is it and How to repair the fault?

The BAXI E133 fault code. Do you have the E133 fault code displayed on your BAXI boiler? What is the E133 fault and how do you fix it? - Get a boiler repair Northampton.

What is the E133 fault?

The E133 fault has a wide range of possible faults connected to gas supply and igniton.

How to fix the E133 fault

When you see the E133 Fault on your BAXI boiler its means the boiler has failed to ignite. No gas supply (check gas supply - gas valve or PPM has credit), temperature outside is below zero and blocked condensate.

The E133 fault can be fixed just by checking that your gas valve ECV is turned on, also checking if your pre paid meter has credit, if you have one. Also check the condensate pipework because in the winter this can freeze and stop your BAXI boiler from working.

BAXI Fault Meaning Possible Causes
E133 Failed to ignite, Ignition fault Boiler won't ignite/failed: No gas or insufficient gas, ignition fault (Ran out of credit on the gas - Pay as you go only), check your condensate pipe

When there isn't any gas supply to your boiler it means that a flame cannot heat the water that heats your home and hot water. This is essential for your home to have hot water and to heat your radiators to keep you warm in the winter.

If you see both the E133 or the E28 fault code displayed on your BAXI boiler you need to call our boiler engineer who will quickly come and and repair your boiler safely.

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