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Central Heating

Central Heating

With the right boiler for you and your family and with our expert advice, you are sure to get the best Central Heating system for your home.

We install combi boilers, conventional boilers and other boiler systems to domestic and commercial properties in Northampton and Northamptonshire.

Our expert plumbers can help you decide which boiler is best for your home, talk to us today be calling us on 01604 212732.

We have created a overview of what different boiler systems do below.

  • A combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. In fact, combis now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year. A combi boiler gets its name from being a high efficency water heater and a central heating boiler - combined. A new eco Combi boiler can save you money on fuel costs and installation.
  • A regular or open vent boiler (or conventional boiler) is a boiler system for larger homes with two or more bathrooms. This type of boiler takes up a bit moree space than a combi boiler and typically costs more.
  • A System Boiler is a boiler system for, again larger homes and commercial type properties. A system boiler uses a large tank of stored water meaning you can use multiple taps at one time without a reduction in pressure.

Central Heating system in a home in Northampton