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Northampton Underfloor Heating, Wet System & Dry System Underfloor Heating.

Underfloor Heating, What is it?

Underfloor heating is a modern feature that allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during cold winter mornings. If you are looking for a more minimalist look to your home then underfloor heating gives you this, without the need for radiators. You can choose between a dry system which is an electric underfloor heating system or a wet system which is water underfloor heating system.

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Underfloor Heating, The pros and cons.

The Pros to Underfloor Heating
Underfloor heating can be an efficient way of heating a room as the heat rises slowly around the whole room, while radiators only heat part of the room. If you choose to have a big underfloor heating system you can replace the need for radiators all together.

The Cons to Underfloor Heating
Underfloor heating can take up to twice as long to heat up than radiators in some cases (depending on how big your system will be). Underfloor heating can be pricey to install, ranging from £250 to £5,000.

Underfloor Heating, Common places to have it installed?

The most popular rooms for people to install underfloor heating in is their bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms

Underfloor Heating installed by THS of Northampton & Wellingborough


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