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The Magnaclean

The working of the MagnaClean is very simple. As water flows through your heating system from your boiler, through the pipes to your radiators, it picks up small amounts of small particles of metal and debris and bits of rust.

What's the benefits of having MagnaClean?

The benefits of having the MagnaClean syetem:

  • More Energy Efficient (YOU Save Money by Not using as much GAS to heat up your home).
  • Hot Water Flows at a Higher Pressure
  • Protection to your Boiler Against Damage
  • Substantial Savings on Central Heating Maintenance
  • Extending Life

How can I go about having MagnaClean system installed?

If you would like to arrange a visit from one of our Gas Safe Engineers from Northampton or Wellingborough, simply just click on links and give one of our plumbing and heating engineers a call!.

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