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Central Heating Power Flushing

Over time your heating system can slowly block up with black iron oxide sludge and lime scale build up throughout the system, coating the insides of pipes and radiators and reducing the flow of hot water and reducing pressure in your system, slowing down your boiler and problems can arise.

By having a power flush on your boiler and central heating system you can restore the system to its optimum efficiency as hot water can circulate freely throughout your central heating system, reducing the workload on your boiler.

If you would like a power flush to your heating system, you arrange a visit from one of our Gas Safe Engineers from Northampton, simply just click on the link and give one of our plumbing and heating engineers a call!.

Does your central heating suffer from...
  • Radiator cold at top or bottom
  • Blocked pipes & valves due to sludge or limescale
  • Boiler cutting out, showing an error code
  • Loud banging noises from the boiler
GET a Power Flush Done on your heating system by THS
  • Better system circulation
  • Faster boiler heat-up time
  • Quieter heating system
  • Better, Efficient radiators
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