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Burst and leaking pipes, toilets and showers - Repaired by expert plumbers.

Got a burst pipe? Leaking toilet or shower? Finding and repairing bothersome hidden leaks in your plumbing, our expert plumbers get them fixed the first time.

A leaking toilet and shower is a very common problem, as is a leak around the bath and hand basins and sinks. Our plumbers carry basic stock of plumbing parts so they can fix these common plumbing problems in a single visit.

We can also tell you when you need more extensive work carried out. For example, there is no use replacing a silicone seal if your sink is moving or replacing a tap seal if the tap has seen better days. It can sometimes be more cost-efficient to replace the taps, depending on the brand.

If you need help fixing a pipe that has burst or leaking, a leaking toilet, shower or drip in Northampton then just call us today on 01604 212732.

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Do you have a leaking toilet?

To experience a leaking toilet is not uncommon. In fact, toilet leaks are probably the most common cause of water leaks in your home and can waste thousands of gallons of water a year if left unresolved.

Some of the most common causes of a leaking toilet include:

Running toilet.
One of the most common causes of a running toilet is the flapper sticking open and not completely covering the valve. This is a simple fix just by getting a closer look at the shutter. Sometimes the rubber seal can have a bit of limescale stuck underneath or that the seal it self justs replacing. Also check the adjustment as this also be a problem.

Toilet that is leaking between the toilet and the waste pipe.
If you have a leak like this, it means that everytime you flush the toilet, water can leak onto the floor, which can lead to extensive damage if it is not properly taken care of. You need to call one of our plumbers who will come and fix this issue swiftly.

Fixing and replacing pipes and seals - stop them from leaking permanently.

If we find that your water leak is due to loose connection on a pipe or seal, we can both tighten, seal or replace the joints to help prevent water from leaking.

As with any of our leaking repairs, we use only professional-grade (or commercial grade) supplies so your repair is permanent and your replacement is as pleasing as the day you got it.

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Leaking toilets and waste pipes.

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