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MagnaClean and MagnaCleanse

Does your central heating system have a MagnaClean filtering system? If not, talk to our plumbers!

We highly recommend the MagnaClean to be fitted to every central heating system.

What is the MagnaClean filtering system?

The MagnaClean is a central heating system filter which is attached mostly to the side of your boiler, on the return pipe, it is capable of capturing virtually 100% of the Magnetite within a system.

What is Magnetite? Magnetite is another name for “central heating system sludge”, it’s made up from Iron Oxide, the result of a chemical reaction between the different metals and air ingress into a system.

MagnaClean next to the boiler

Having the MagnaClean can help against future boiler breakdowns and having to hire a boiler repair engineer – ultimately saving you money in the long-run.

The main benefit of having a MagnaClean filtering system attached to your central heating system is to improve your system efficiency, and will also improve the life of your boiler.

MagnaClean is a very powerful magnet, 1,000 times that of a fridge magnet and it has to be that powerful to attract the magnetite in your system.

What is the MagnaCleanse cleaning system?

The MagnaCleanse is a new flushing process, very much like a standard power flush BUT in our opinion, the MagnaCleanse does a much better job.

If you choose to have the MagnaClean filter, we would always do a MagnaCleanse system clean to get rid of any Iron Oxide in your system before fitting the filter.

The MagnaCleanse system cleaner

What are the benefits of a MagnaCleanse? Having the MagnaCleanse system clean will remove virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide in once service. Long boiler life can be achieved if you have the system clean every 3 years.

the cleaning system at workthe progress of getting rid of iron in your system
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