Is your Boiler Winter Ready? (Get your Boiler Ready for Winter)

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Get your Boiler Ready for Winter

Winter is just around the corner and when it strikes there is nothing more important than a warm home. It is so important for people to ensure that their boiler is ready to keep them warm before the colder weather comes by ensuring that their works by turning it on to its highest setting to see if your system is working correctly, we covered this in another post.

If you do encounter a problem with your boiler not firing up, or not working at all, you will need to call a plumber. We have plumbers based in Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering.

Plumber Northampton, Call: 01604 212732

Plumber Wellingborough, Call: 01933 420495

Test Your Boiler in the Autumn

You should switch your central heating on in October to make sure it is working as we said above.

Typically faults develop in the summertime as your boiler is not used. And if you don’t test it in the autumn it may be too late for you to receive a prompt boiler repair.

We advise you to check that your boiler works while the weather is still relatively mild and still hitting mid to high 20’s.

Insulating Your Pipes

If you don’t already know, when the weather drops below zero degrees C water expands when it freezes and can cause catastrophic destruction to your home.

This twin boiler system was installed in a garage, therefore needed to be insulated from the winter weather.

A simple solution to this is pipe insulation and can cost just a few pounds. Insulating your pipes will not only will this help you prevent winter plumbing emergencies and boiler breakdowns, but it will also reduce your energy bills, saving you even more money.

Power flushes

Power Flush is a just a “posh” meaning for cleaning your entire heating system of rust and debris. Our plumbing engineer will methodically clean all your radiators and pipes in your home to flush any sludge out of them.

With a power flush to your heating system, this will improve the efficacy of your central heating and keep your boiler pressure within acceptable limits.

For more about power flush, you can visit our page on Power Flush your Heating System

Annual boiler services

Gas and boiler health checks are the best to avoid boiler breakdowns. Our gas engineers will check all your gas appliances as well as your boiler for any leaks, and other things. We think that the months leading up to winter are the best times for boiler services and gas health checks. To book an appointment to have your boiler and gas checked, you can call one of our plumbers and gas engineers on the numbers above.