Radiator Installation, Replacements & Service by Gas Safe registered engineers.

we supply, fit, move and replace your radiators

When it comes to the proper operation of your central heating radiator system, quality service should not be compromised by unprofessional plumbers. A new radiator fitting or more complex emergency repair or relocation, you need expert help by our Gas Safe registered radiator fitters.

With THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton, your local radiator repair or replacement service will be carried out by a highly-skilled professional plumber, who’s been extensively trained So, rest assured that the works that are carried out by us are done by a expert Gas Safe registered radiator engineer.

Complete radiator service in Northampton.

Our radiator technicians will come fully-equipped to assist you with every radiator-related emergency repairs, one-off radiator changes, multiple radiator installations and radiator relocations.

Our Gas Safe registered plumbers will also gladly cater for your new radiators or towel, and if need be install them promptly and efficiently.

Radiator Installation and Replacement Service.

You can buy a radiator that suits your aesthetic feel yourself such as slim, traditional, flat, vertical, horizontal, designer and contemporary and our plumber will fit the radiator.

Are your radiators looking old? If your radiators are approaching a decade or more in age, it might become less efficient, causing frequent system break downs, rust and cracks. It might be time to book a replacement.

Inefficient heating is the first sign that you will experience a problem, your radiators become blocked with sludge that can impede the efficiency of the radiators. In this situation it may become even worse when the entire heating system stops working and your boiler breaks down, costing you in repair bills or even a new boiler.

Your Radiators hotter than others?

If some of your radiators in your home are hotter than others then your heating system needs to be balanced. Our experts can balance the radiators professionally, so that they can work at their full efficiency. Contact us by calling 01604 212732.

Cold radiators, or partially cold because of sludge trapped inside them. This sludge will often sink to the bottom of the radiator and is why you'll often find your radiators feel cold toward the bottom and hot at the top.

We can remove this sludge by a service we offer that is called power flushing. Doing a power flush will enable the water to circulate around the whole radiator and not just the top part.

Emergency Radiator Repair

we can fix your radiator emergency with a repair or new

We can fix your radiator emergency with a repair or supply and install a new replacement.

Radiator Cleaning

Central heating, radiator powerflux cleaning system

Contact us to see about having your central heating system cleaned.

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