Gas Safety Certificate. - Landlord CP12 Certificate.

Landlord cp12 gas safe certificate.

If you're a landlord and have one or more properties you rent out then by law, Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (Regulation 26), you must have a gas engineer carry out a CP12 (Gas Safety Report) on your properties.

A gas safety certificate (CP12) is a document that confirms that GAS appliances have been tested for safety as part of a gas safety inspection.

It is a UK Law that all landlords and owners of commercial properties have their gas appliances inspected annually to ensure they are safe and working properly and not a danger to life.

Our gas engineers are qualified to issue a CP12, gas saftey certificate with the correct equipment to test gas appliances such as gas boilers, gas cookers, gas fires and main gas feed.

At THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton our gas engineers carry out hundreds of gas safety tests and issue reports every year.

What to expect from your CP12, gas safety certificate.

The idea of the gas safety certificate is to ensure your tenants, staff or guests are in a safe and healthy environment while they are in your property.

In order to get a gas safety certificate, your appliances must be inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer under the gas safety certificate law.

Our GAS Safety ID: 517522

To be legal and valid, your CP12 certificate should be up to date, have the correct name (your name) and address of the property that the gas safety certificate is for.

A date that the inspection was carried out, description of each gas appliance and flue inspected, as well as details of their location in the property including any defects identified and the actions that have been taken to rectify them.

The name, signature of the gas engineer including his/her Gas Safe number of the person who did the CP12 inspection and a date for your next inspection.

More on Gas health and safety here.

Choosing to ignore the law. - The penalty.

If you choose to ignore the law and fail to get your gas safety certificate done in time, you could be risking a large fine and potentially imprisonment.

Fines of up to £24,000. This penalty fine was issued to a landlord in 2011 after tenants suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and he was found to have no gas safety certificate.

Important - Check your GAS Engineers ID Card.

You must aslways ask to see the ID card of the engineer who will be carrying out the CP12 gas safety certificate.

Watch the video below on how to check your gas engineers gas safe ID card.

Useful information and links.

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GAS Safety CP12 Certificate.

The CP12 report form

This is what a CP12 GAS safety certificate form will look like. Sometimes the form might be a different colour depending on what company you use.

Our engineer testing the GAS meter.

our engineer carrying out a gas report

One of our gas safe engineers carrying out a gas report for this landlord in Northampton.

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