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FAQ: Plumbing, Heating and Boiler Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical frequently asked questions we get asked as Plumbers, Gas Engineers and HVAC'Rs

Boilers & Heating FAQ:

A proper clean boiler service costs around £80 pound in Northampton, but you can find cheap alteratives but the service will be very differant. For a proper Boiler service in Northampton contact THS.

A typical boiler repair cost in Northampton will depend on the problem. Prices will range from £80 to £500 pounds. If your boiler needs a repair you should always call a gas engineer that you can trust to repair it properly.

Hearing a strange rumbling noise? Boiler kettling occurs when water is heated to boiling point inside the boiler. You can turn down the temperatures on your boiler using the display. it could also be a lime scale problem.

The most common boiler breakdown is offen due to the lack of maintenace and in some cases, poor installation. Its so important that you maintain your boiler by booking a boiler service once a year.

A problem with the thermostat or a lack of water flow due to a closed valve, air or a pump problem - contact our expert

No heating or hot water? Is there a fault code displayed on the boiler display? If so it might be worth investigating what the fault code means, you can use our online boiler fault code guide. Another reason for no heating or hot water could be a frozen condensate pipe or airlock. Check the boiler display for any fault codes

Plumbing FAQ:

The cost of a burst pipe can be between £120 pounds for a simple fix to over £500 pounds and more depending on the damage. A burst pipe repair can also run in to a few thousand pounds. Remeber to choose the right plumber for the pipe repair.

If your shower head is leaking, it could be an easy fix in that a O-ring will need replacing. If you unscrew the shower head, you should be able to see something that looks like a black seal, if you don't, this is why your shower head is leaking. Look at this for a new shower head seal

The cost of our plumbing service in Northampton depends on a number of factors, including, the extent of the work that needs to be carried out, However, you can rest assured that we will make you aware of all these costs from the very beginning.