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Most common Worcester Boiler Faults

The EA229 & D5 error codes are very common faults on the Worcester Bosch boiler. If you get this code displaying on the boiler display then this will be a blocked condensate pipe. You can do a DIY fix or you can contact one of our engineers who would be happy to help, Call one of our Worcester Bosch boiler engineers. - Let our boiler repair xepert repair your boiler.

If you have no hot water but the heating works then you have a faulty diverter valve. But, it could also be due to a lack of power, a stuck Y valve, faulty PCB unit, or even a problem with the heating pump. Contact one of our engineers who would be happy to help and solve the problem, Call one of our Worcester Bosch boiler engineers

Worcester Bosch, Worcester Bosch CDi Compact Combi, Greenstar 25/30 - 27/30 Boiler & System Boiler Fault/Error Codes.

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
A7 No hot water - Possible airlock or thermostat issues. Also check water levels - Call an boiler repair engineer.
A281 or EA 338 BOILER LEAK - Possible boiler leak, get this repaired ASAP.
A41 Kettling - Kettling or banging sounds from the boiler is generally caused by limescale buildup or issues with your thermostat. Get this checked.
9A 362 Error - Incorrect Heat Control Module (HCM) fitted or communication issue.
9U 233 Error - Heat Control Module Error. Code plug problem or communication issue.
B7 257 Internal error - (PCB) Possible control board problem. Printed circuit board (PCB) failure.
C6 215 Fan problem - PCB detected the fan is running too fast.
C7 214 Fan problem - PCB detected the fan is not running.
D1 240 Sensor error - Return sensor may be wet or damaged.
E2 222 Sensor error - Flow sensor short circuit error.
E5 218 Temperature - Flow temperature too high.
E9 219 Sensor error - Temperature too high, sensor short circuit or open circuit.
EA 227 No flame - flame signal loss during operation.
F0 237 Internal error - Internal error.
F7 228 Flame error - False flame or flame detected before burner started. The flame sensor senses flame by passing a small electric current. Error.
FA 306 Flame error - False flame fault – flame detected after burner stop.
FD 231 Mains power fault - Electrical power interruption.
FA 364 Gas valve leak - EV2 leak test failed. Gas valve leak.
FB 365 Gas valve leak - EV2 leak test failed. Gas valve leak.
A1 281 Pump fault - Pump stuck or running with air in the system
C1 264 Airflow error - Airflow stopped during operation.
C4 273 Airflow error - Airflow present during last 24 hour.
D1 240 Sensor error - Return sensor short circuit.
D4 271 Temperature fault - Temperature difference between flow and safety sensor exceeds limit.
E9 224 Overheat - Max thermostat activated – flue gas thermostat overheat. Blockage on pipe/filter or faulty pump.
EA 227 Ignition - No ionisation detected after ignition.
EF 349 Central heating - Central heating boil detected – boiler operating at minimum burner load with temperature difference greater than 18°C between Flow and Return.
212 Temperature - Safety or flow temperature rising too fast.

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