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The Vaillant F22 Fault Code - Error Code Explained & How to fix

Also known as F.22, the Vaillant F22 fault means that the boiler is low on water pressure and it will need to be increased for the boiler to work again.

Vaillant Fault Meaning Possible Causes
F22 F.22 Fault Low on water pressure Failed: Boiler won't ignite: No or low water pressure in the system which could mean that there's an issue with the pump.

Vaillant boilers naturally lose pressure over time but this will be a very gradual progression, this can happen over the summer months when the boiler isn't being used. Without enough water pressure in your Vaillant boiler, the boiler won't ignite so it's important to find the cause.

Fixing the Vaillant F22 fault yourself

Fixing the Vaillant F.22 error code yourself is something you could attempt but our boiler engineer would be able to take care of it quickly and safely. You can get free quotes by calling us and chatting to our Northampton boiler repair engineer, you can also WhatsApp or you can request a quote.

To increase the pressure in your boiler, first, start by switching the boiler off. You then need to find the filling loop. If it's not in the same place as the picture above then look for a metal hose with a valve at either end. Turning these valves will allow water to enter the boiler, while you allow water into the boiler, watch the pressure gauge at this point when the needle reaches 1.5 bar turn the valves back to their original position.

The cost of a F22 fault code repair

As an F22 fault on your Vaillant will leave your home without heating and hot water, you'll most likely want the fault cleared and fixed as quickly as possible. The safest way of fixing the F22 fault is by getting one of our Northampton boiler repair engineers out to repair your Vaillant boiler. The cost of repair would generally be an hohour's labour and any materials/parts.

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