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Most common Potterton boiler faults

The E133 is a fault on the Potterton boiler that some might see as quite a common fault code. - Live in Northampton? Get a boiler repair.

The E20, E78 and E50 are well known fault codes on the Potterton. Also the E83, E84, E85, E86 and E87 are common and are related to a communication error.

Potterton Promax Ultra - Gold/Titanium Combi & System Boiler Faults - Promax Combi, System, and Store Fault Codes

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
E10 Sensor Fault - Outdoor sensor error Reset boiler
E20 Sensor Fault - Central heating thermistor sensor fault Engineer required
E28 Thermistor Fault - Flue thermistor fault Engineer required
E50 Sensor Fault - DHW Domestic hot water sensor fault
E110 Overheating - Boiler Overheating Engineer required
E119 Pressure too low - Engineer required
E125 Circulation Fault - Water circulation fault Engineer required.
E130 Boiler lockout - Flue thermostat sensor tripped Engineer required
E133 Ignition fault - Gas Ignition fault Engineer required
E152 PCB Error - PCB Fault. Engineer required
E160/E161 Fan fault - Loose or damaged fan. Loose or damaged connections Engineer required
E164 Sensor fault - Domestic hot water sensor error – could be a heating flow switch error. Engineer required
E167/E168 PCB Fault - PCB error fault and boiler lockout. Engineer required
E09 Wiring fault - Gas valve fault. Engineer required
E10 Sensor fault - Outdoor sensor fault. Engineer required
E15 Connection fault - Gas valve fault Engineer required
E40 Thermistor fault - Central heating return thermistor fault. Engineer required
E78 Sensor fault - Water pressure sensor fault. Engineer required
E83/E84/E85/E86/E87 Communication fault - No communication between room controller and boiler. Engineer required
E92 Combustion test - Combustion test alarm during auto-setting.
E321 Thermistor fault - Hot water thermistor fault Engineer required
E385 Low voltage - Low voltage less than 195v Engineer required

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