Intergas Boiler Error & Fault Codes

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About Intergas boilers & why they're the best.

Intergas are well known for their ground-breaking and patented two-in-one heat exchanger ("So ground-breaking, Worcester Bosch group unsuccessfully tried to buy the patented") and has made it our first choice with many households throughout the Northampton and Wellingborough area.

Every Intergas boiler features their unique back-to-back, two-in-one heat exchanger. Separating the circuits for heating and hot water which also means there’s no need for a diverter valve which can fail in all other boilers. They also have the enviable reputation of NEVER HAVING A HEAT EXCHANGER FAILURE! Making Intergas our favorite boiler brand.

Most popular Intergas Boiler Faults.

While Intergas boilers are extremely reliable appliances as we have just explained, Intergas only have 2 common faults. #1, One being a common fault that every boiler has and that is a blocked condensate pipe. #2, Two is an error code 1 on the display which is very simple to fix and you shouldn't need one of our gas engineers.

The error code 1 fix
The reason why your intergas boiler is showing a error code 1 (Overheating) on the display is because of air in the system. Having air in the system can prevent water from circulating around the heating system. To remove this air, you need to bleed your radiators which you can do, and we will provide a step by step guide on how to do this very soon or you can either hire one of our heating engineers if your unable to do this yourself.

Intergas HRE Compact Combi Boiler & HRECO Boiler.

Fault/Error Code Possible Cause
1 Overheating - Fault code 1 means that the boiler temperature is too high and may result in excessive pressure. You can do a DIY fix by bleeding your radiators or Call an engineer.
4 No ignition - Fault code 4 means that no ignition flame signal has been detected. Check that the gas tap is open. If not, open fully. Press the reset switch. The appliance will then restart. Call an engineer if you need help.
5 Weak ignition - Fault code 5 means that a weak ignition flame signal has been detected. Contact our engineer to rectify this fault.
6 Flame error - Fault code 6 means that an ignition flame detection error has occurred.. Contact our engineer to rectify this fault.

Intergas Boiler Broken Down?

We have GAS Safe engineers. We can fix your intergas boiler.

Although very rare, if your Intergas boiler has stopped working, you must call in the intergas experts - THS Plumbing & Heating Engineers on 01604 212732.

Intergas Boiler Installation from £1,749.

Intergas boiler installations.

We are Intergas approved installers and because we're approved engineers, we can give you the best price on a brand new Intergas boiler installation in Northamptonshire. Call us on 01604 212732.

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