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Getting the right engineer to repair your BAXI boiler

Any Baxi boiler should last between 10 to 15 years, and thats with the right maintenance in place to look after it. When your BAXI boiler does breakdown, its important to understand that choosing the currect boiler engineer to repair it is as important as having the right maintenance.

We undertake all maintenance and repairs on all models in the current Baxi boiler range and on older and discontinued models. THS Plumbing & Heating are the preferred choice for Baxi gas boiler repair in Northampton, annual servicing and installations, throughout Northampton, providing dependable, professional, and personal service to all our customers.

Why is my BAXI boiler not working?

All BAXI boilers have common problems, most of these common issues can be prevented just by having the right boiler engineer to service your BAXI every year.

Below we have put together the 3 most common BAXI boiler problems and repairs.

1. Leaking from the boiler case - dripping from underneath

The most common cause of a leaking BAXI boiler are broken internal components. The most likely cause is a faulty pump seal or a pressure valve thats broken due to the pressure is too high.

If your BAXI boiler is leaking around the pipes underneath the boiler case then thats a strong indication of corrosion.

A leak coming from your BAXI boiler is never a good sign. A qualified boiler engineer should be called out to find the cause of the leak and carry out the necessary boiler repairs.

2. No hot water but have heating

Your BAXI boiler should provide your home with both hot water and heating whenever you need it however, when you dont have either one it can frustrating.

The most common cause for this is a problem with the diverter valve or diaphragm washer. This is a very simple repair our boiler engineer will be quite happy to help you with.

3. Low boiler pressure

Probably the most common on all boiler brands including on the BAXI boilers, Low boiler pressure is a common fault. The fix could be as simple as re-pressuring the boiler.

If the pressure gauge reads below 1 bar on your BAXI boiler, check the boiler manual for the correct pressure level and re-pressurise the boiler. It is quite simple to top up the water pressure in your boiler. You should be able to do it yourself without having to call a boiler engineer. Check out a guide on how to re-pressurise your BAXI boiler.

Who can repair my BAXI Boiler?

Boiler Repair Northampton should be your first choice to repair your BAXI boiler however, if for some reason none of our engineers are available that day, we will book you in the next available day (the next day normally).

BAXI Leaking diverter cartridge / Motor

BAXI Leaking diverter cartridge / Motor

BAXI Boiler Repair Video

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