A boiler brand that you’ve never heard of? You might have seen an Intergas van on the road and thought, “never heard of Intergas, can’t be that good“. A boiler brand that you don’t see on TV adverts.

Who are Intergas?

Intergas are a Dutch boiler manufacturer with a 50-year history of making ground-breaking advances in boiler technology. Intergas have a special patent on their heat technology which is what make this boiler company so unique. In fact, Worcester tried to buy the patent and failed in doing so. The ground-breaking and patented two-in-one heat exchanger has made them the first choice with many households throughout the Netherlands and the UK – We are the only plumbing company that are using Intergas boilers in Northampton and our customer feedback is “fantastic boiler” “We love our new boiler”…speaks for its self.

With over 2,000,000 boilers installed in more than 20 countries and 5,000 boilers produced every week, Intergas is the reliable and environmentally responsible solution to your heating and hot water needs.

What does it mean by having two-in-one heat exchanger?

By only having one heat exchanger, it is more efficient at using less fuel to generate the required heat output than other boilers. In fact, the boilers routinely lower emissions by 20% and shave up to a further 15% off energy bills over all other condensing boilers in the UK.

As all Intergas boilers only have 12 components, including four moving parts and they are all interchangeable, suppling spares when needed is never an issue. Making maintenance really easy.

Best selling Intergas boiler

Our best selling boiler we install in Northampton is the Intergas HRE, the HRE is a condensing boiler and incudes the two-in-one heat exchanger developed exclusively by Intergas and ensures ultra-reliability and efficiency. Our customers love the HRE boiler because it saves them money on their gas bills over other condensing boilers in the UK and all the HRE boilers have an energy efficiency class of A. The HRE comes with a seven-year warranty, a 10 year warranty on heat exchanger and to be honest, it really doesn’t need any more than that. If you get your boiler serviced regularly, you will never have any problems with the Intergas hre boiler!

You can also control the HRE boiler with your phone turning your smartphone into a smart thermostat. THS can also monitor your boiler to make sure it’s running efficiently and spot any problems that might cause problems. Talk to one of our boiler engineers about this option if you have an Intergas boiler. You can find out more about the HRE boiler by visiting the Intergas HRE page. You can also see the different HRE versions by visiting the versions page. See all the Intergas boiler range by visiting their website.

Do you want a Intergas boiler installed in your home?

We install lots of Intergas boilers and it is our favourite replacement boiler brand. On average we install up to 2 a week. Want to find out more about Intergas? or would you like to upgrade to a intergas boiler? Get in touch with us:

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Our customers love their Intergas boilers

replacement boiler with an Intergas hre
New install of a Intergas boiler hre
another replacement with an Intergas boiler HRE
Out with the old and in with a new Intergas HRE boiler