What do you put down your kitchen sink to unblock it?

The sinks are among the most used items in your household. It’s no wonder, then, that they can also be the dirtiest things in your household.

When your sink becomes blocked, what do you use to unblock it with? Bleach? – Ever thought about using baking soda and hot water? Ever wondered why it got blocked in the first place?

What to use to clean it with…

With so many cleaning products to choose from, some quite toxic and not very eco-friendly, the best cleaning product is properly in one of your kitchen cupboards.

Use vinegar and lemon juice to clean your plumbing system, use it to clean the lime on your taps (lime is the annoying, dirty looking watermarks you get on your taps) in fact use it anywhere in your kitchen and bathroom.

Another great way to clean your plumbing system is to use baking soda, salt, vinegar and boiling hot water. Simply mix up approximately 1 cup of baking soda, salt and vinegar and leave it under your sink and every month use a bit to clean your sinks plumbing system to keep the clogs away.

What you should never be putting down your sink!

Avoid blocked pipes. Do you know what you SHOULDN’T be putting down your sink? Read this post about avoiding blocked pipes.

The number one cause of blocked pipes is oil. Though it may go down the sink as a liquid, the oil will quickly solidify, creating plumbing problems. Even if you run the hot tap for a while and the oil managers to get down to sewer level, it will cause massive problems as the oil will solidify and will cause flooding.

If you accidentally pour oil down your sink we would recommend putting some washing up liquid, salt and boiling water down as well, this will dilute the oil.