Let’s talk about power flushing!

What is power flushing? Power flushing involves circulating high-strength professional cleansing chemicals throughout the entire central heating system in order to remove mud-like substance, also referred to as “sludge”. The sludge in your system can reduce the flow by 65%.

If your boiler is serviced ever year, a power flush is only required every three to five years depending on the size of your central heating system.

Power flushing your system when needed can save you a whole ton of money in the long-run. Having it done can restore your system back to nearly-new condition. Considering a new boiler? with every new boiler we power flush your entire system so we don’t contaminate your new boiler.

Do I need my central heating system power flushed? The first thing you need to do is check your radiators for cold spots, these cold spots are generally at the bottom, just run your hand along the bottom of each radiator to check. Does your boiler make any banging noises? If so, this could also be a sign your system needs a clean.

Quick signs you need a power flush your central heating system!

  • Cold areas on your radiators, check the bottom for cold spots.
  • Noisy boiler, listen out for banging, also listen out for noisy radiators.
  • Radiators are slow to warm up

Power Flush Costs?

Every system is unique, so depending on how big your central heating system is, the cost of a power flush can cost in the ball-park of around £300.

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