What Is a Gas Safety Check?

A gas safety check is primarily designed to inspect any gas appliances including boilers, cookers and fires to ensure they are working correctly and safely. A gas safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The gas safety check should ONLY be carried out by a fully qualified, Gas safe plumber.

How to check that my plumber is Gas Safe registered?

You should check that your plumber is gas safe registered, and you can do this by asking to see their gas safe card, or you can go online to Gas Safe Register website and do a quick search of the company name or the name of the plumber.

What Is included in a Gas Safety Check?

The Gas safety check is very different to a boiler service in which your boiler service/boiler health check will involve a more in-depth inspection of your boiler.

A gas safety check is designed to check the following:

  • The appliance is operating at the correct operating pressure.
  • That all safety devices on the appliance (Boiler, Cooker etc) such as cut out devices are working correctly.
  • That flues and chimneys are clear and enable the appliance to emit gases and fumes safely to the outside.
  • There is an adequate air supply to the appliance and that it is burning the gas correctly

What if I don’t have a yearly Gas Safety Check?

Failure to have your gas appliances inspected yearly may lead to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide escaping into your home. Carbon monoxide can kill, so it is very important that you get your gas appliances checked!

Who should have a yearly Gas Safety Check?

Any household (landlord tenant, council tenant, and homeowner) that has gas appliances should have an annual gas safety check by a gas safe registered engineer.

It should be noted that a gas safety inspection is NOT an alternative to a boiler service, and appliances should also be serviced annually to make sure they are running efficiently and safely.

Certain households may be entitled to free gas safety checks, particularly those where the elderly such as a care home or very young are living, such as a children centre. If you are a homeowner on benefits it is worth contacting your energy provider to find out if a free gas safety check is available to you.

If you are a council tenant you should be entitled to a free yearly gas safety check on your boiler. To find out more, you should contact your council.

Important Information For Landlords

It’s very important as a landlord to know what responsibilities you have to protect your tenants. Just today, I went to a customers house, the house was rented, the only reason the customer called us was because she contacted the landlord several times about an issue with the boiler and the landlord not doing anything about it.

As a landlord, you should be aware that you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. The Gas Safety (Installation and the Use) Regulations 1998 outline the duties of landlords to ensure gas appliances, fittings and chimneys/flues provided for tenants are safe.

If you rent a property or room, your landlord has legal responsibilities when it comes to gas safety. Even if a property is only rented for a short time, there are three specific duties for landlords to keep their tenants safe.

Landlord Responsibilities

Maintenance: Pipework, appliances and flues must be maintained in a safe condition. Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If these are not available it is recommended that they are serviced every 12 months unless advised otherwise by a Gas Safe registered engineer. As a Landlord, you will need to be able to show, if asked, that regular maintenance of the flues and appliances and any necessary repairs have been undertaken.

Gas safety checks: A gas safety check will make sure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use and must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. An annual gas safety check must be carried out on every gas appliance and its associated flue in your rental property, even if you only rent out one or two rooms in your home. New regulations introduced in April 2018 allow a landlord to arrange for a gas safety check to be carried out any time from 10 – 12 calendar months after the previous check whilst still preserving the original check expiry date. Where a gas safety check is carried out less than 10 months or more than 12 months after the previous gas safety check this will have the effect of ‘resetting the clock’ and the new deadline date will now be 12 months from the date of this latest gas safety check.

Record: A record of the gas safety check must be provided to tenants within 28 days of the check being completed or to new tenants before they move in. If a property or room is hired out for less than 28 days at a time, it is permissible to display a copy of the current Landlords Gas Safety Record in a prominent position within the property so a copy does not need to be given to every new occupier. As a Landlord, you must keep copies of the record for two years. If a landlord has benefited from the new regulations allowing flexibility in timing of gas safety checks, records must be kept until two further gas safety checks have been carried out.

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