Looking for your next boiler? You’re probably looking around for the best boiler with at least 10 year warranty and the cheapest quote to install it!?

Continue reading to learn about the best boiler brand you’ve never heard of and why it should be your next eco choice.

Every homeowner, landlord and boiler engineer knows who Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are, they are considered by many to be the best boiler brand available, right?

Have you ever heard of a boiler manufacturer called Intergas?

If you live in the UK then probably not.

You see, Intergas do things very differently. Unlike Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, Intergas don’t spend millions of pounds on marketing, advertising, and sponsorship’s.#

About Intergas (The best boiler choice)

Intergas have a secret weapon. A weapon that Worcester Bosch tried to buy, offering millions for it, but failed.

Considered by THS Plumbing & Heating and many other plumbing and heating companies to be the best boiler on the market, Intergas invented the two-in-one double high-efficiency heat exchanger in 1996 that no other boiler manufacturer have been able to touch.

the best boiler is the intergas boiler hre

Not only do Intergas have this amazing invention, Intergas boilers have no secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, diverter valve and auto-air vent.

So what would fail on the Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and other boiler manufacturers, Intergas have eliminated all significant sources of possible future component failure.

Intergas boilers feature a 2-in-1 aluminium heat exchanger which has 2 integrated copper circuits, one for heating and another for domestic hot water.

This means that the hot water can be heated directly rather than indirectly, like other boilers, allowing Intergas boilers to condense 100% of the time.

While Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, and Ideal have been making boilers for over 100 years, Intergas have half that at only 50 years, yet has the best unrivalled, ground-breaking advances in boiler technology in the world.

If you’re looking for a top of the range, best combi boiler then there aren’t many better options than the Intergas HRE and the ECO RF on the market today that offer unrivalled reliability and technology.

Best of all, both Intergas ecorf and Xclusive boilers come with 12 Year Warranties when installed by THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton.

best boiler choice for 2021

While some Worcester Bosch ranges to achieve the highest efficiency of 94% and the boiler range from Intergas to achieve only 93%, you can bet that the Worcester Bosch will breakdown well before an Intergas boiler.

Best Boiler Warranty

If we compare Intergas vs Worcester Bosch in the best boiler warranty test.

Worcester Bosch simply can’t compete with Intergas!

Intergas boilers are, as we already know, highly efficient, have only four moving parts which reduces the risk of a fault and, in many cases, are covered by a lengthy warranty.

Read our Best Boiler for 2021 (12 Year Boiler Warranties) page.

Worcester Bosch boilers are valued higher than an Intergas boiler and there is a reason for that.

You’re helping them advertise.

So, to finish, the best boiler for 2021 no matter whether you live in a small home with a low demand for heating, a large property with high demand or somewhere inbetween, Intergas offer plenty of choice to help you find a heating system that suits you.

And once installed, Intergas boilers can last for as long as 15 years with a boiler service needed every year during that time. Intergas are the best boiler brand you should choose and will help to save you money on boiler repairs.