We get a lot of emergency calls from customers in Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering asking us to attend as quickly as possible due to what is described to us as a plumbing disaster. But almost all of these plumbing emergencies can be avoided!

1, Boiler Repair Emergency

In the winter months, 7 out of 10 calls that we receive are to do with your boiler. And it’s either boiler breakdowns due to lack of maintenance or error codes due to frozen condensate pipes.

lack of boiler maintenance

2, Burst Water Pipe

Another situation which can be avoided is a burst water pipe. We’re not talking about a water pipe under your floor but a water pipe inside your garage as this is very common in the winter months. It can easily be avoided!

How to Avoid Boiler Emergencies

Your boiler has broken down and you need a boiler repair engineer to come and repair it. To avoid your boiler breaking down in the first place is to make sure you keep up with your servicing! Yes, that’s right, get your boiler serviced once a year to avoid costly repairs.

Your boiler is an essential part of your home and when it breaks down it could be something simple or it could mean its time for a new boiler.

3, Frozen Condensate Pipes

Error codes due to frozen condensate pipes is a simple task you can do yourself by finding your condensate pipe and using hot water to unfreeze it.

You’ll find the condensate pipe on the outside wall of your home, it is at least 22 mm in diameter and usually white in colour. In the winter months, the most common condensate pipe problems are that the water freezes inside it, blocking the pipe.

How to unblock your frozen condensate pipe? Once you have found the pipe on the outside wall, you will need to unblock it. Find yourself a watering can and fill it with hot water and pour the hot water on the pipe, you might need to do this a few times until your boiler fires up.