3 Winter Plumbing Tips To Avoid Further Damage

Categories: boilers, Heating System, plumber

Updated: (2018/10/29)

Plumbing issues are more common during the winter season. This week we are about to see the temperature to drop below 0 degrees. It’s the time of year now that I’m about to get myself ready for the early wake-up emergency calls.

I’ve come up with a few winter tips you should avoid at home to prevent further damage…

Tip 1 – For better protection of your outdoor taps, you can buy outdoor faucet/tap jackets for that extra protection this coming winter! This simple maintenance will prevent the interior pipes from bursting.

If water is not coming properly in any of the taps in your home, this could be the indication of a frozen pipe. Call one of our plumbers.

Tip 2 – If your boiler is located in the garage, it might be a good idea for you to place an electric heater to help prevent the pipes from freezing. (A Good idea if you go on holiday or working away from home)

Tip 3 – Garden hoses. Make sure that you properly disconnect in the winter as when you come to use it to wash the car or to water the plants in the summer, you will find that your hose will now have lots of rips in.