What happens when your boiler isn’t serviced regularly?

What happens when your boiler isn’t serviced regularly?

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If your boiler is not serviced regularly, you are putting you and your family in possible danger.


Take a look at the photo above. The boiler wasn’t serviced for approximately 10 years,  the Vaillant boiler, as you can see, was leaking, not only water but CO (Carbon Monoxide). The customer only rang us because the floor under the boiler was wet and that the heating wouldn’t work as the house was freezing.

This boiler was dangerous as I said above, it was leaking CO. It was a good job we got there in time. You can read all about CO, Carbon Monoxide in a blog post we did a few weeks ago.

It’s really important that your boiler is serviced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency and to prevent anything like the above from ever happening.

The customer had to have a new boiler install, which could have been prevented had the boiler been serviced every year.

The bottom line.

Protect you and your family from CO, and costly repairs. Get your boiler serviced on a regular basis.