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Plumbing Jobs in the last few months

Plumbing Jobs in the last few months

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What out plumbers have been up to in Northampton

Over the summer and up to now, our plumbers have been fitting new boilers, repairing boilers and getting all your plumbing jobs completed.

We have replaced boilers that haven’t been serviced for 7 years and some for up to 10 years. Not having your boiler serviced will cost you a lot of money to put it right and could leak carbon monoxide.

boiler not serviced in 10 years

This is a boiler that has not been serviced for 10 years! Condensation leaking into the combustion chamber. The life of the boiler reduced and costly to repair. Our Plumbers in Northampton are all Gas Safe Registered and fully qualified to service, repair or replace your boiler.

leaking boiler

Another leaking boiler photo above. This one hadn’t been serviced since fitted and yet another costly repair. This one was 7 years old.

new boiler being fitted

A new boiler being fitted in Northampton by our plumbers and another happy customer.

If you need any plumbing work or you want a replacement boiler, get in touch today.

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