** Our Winter 2018 Avoid a Breakdown Guide **

Avoid a boiler breakdown in Northampton

Avoid a boiler breakdown in Northampton

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Freezing winter months, avoid your boiler breaking down in Northampton

Our 3 Step Winter Plumber Care Guide

With the freezing temperatures just around the corner, your boiler, heating and hot water systems are about to be put to the ultimate test – This winter the met office has said we are going to see temperatures as low as -12!

1, Test your heating systems now, turn your heating on!

If you’ve spent the last few months enjoying the hot summer and warm autumn, you probably haven’t even thought about your heating, right?

As a plumber in Northampton, it’s always this time of year we are very busy. My advice to you is to do a routine check now, avoid the inconvenience, before it’s too late.

Turn on your heating and give it approximately 10 minutes to heat up. Take a walk around your home or business premises, checking every single radiator in each room to see if they’re warming up.

If you find that one or two radiators are not getting hot, these radiators might just need bleeding.

1.1, How to bleed a radiator?

Once you have diagnosed one or more radiators in your home or business, turn off your heating and let it cool for a while! – you don’t want to burn yourself.

Locate your radiator key, if you don’t have one, your local Northampton plumbing shop will have one you can buy for a few pounds.

Locate and open your radiator’s valves, normally valves are found at the top, see image below:

location of bleed valve

Open the valve slowly until water is squirting out of the bleed valve, once this happens, close the valve and repeat the process with each radiator.

If none of the radiators are working, you might need to get the whole system checked by a plumber in Northampton, our plumbers are boiler professionals and expert faults finders and we can find and resolve any problems with your boiler normally within an hour.

2, Get your heating system regularly serviced by our plumbers – boiler experts

For example, like any part on your vehicle, boilers and heating systems can suffer from general wear and tear. And even if you think your heating system has been working for years and has never broken down, it could still be working at a much lower rate of efficiency. Costing you more money to heat your home!

As a plumber and boiler engineer in Northampton, from experience, I find that most heating systems break down in the winter months. So it’s really important to get the boiler serviced every year.

Your boiler is a vital appliance in your home. To maintain the warmth and comfort of your home, and, like any important home appliance, it needs regular servicing to maintain its efficiency and overall condition.

3, Have a plan in place if it’s too late.

If your boiler has broken down, we at THS, recommend that you have a contingency plan in place.

In an emergency, you need to contact a local Northampton plumber.

At THS, all our plumbers are on call 24.7. 2am, 3am or 6pm on a Friday (or any day), our plumbers are reliable and dedicated to all our customers whatever time it is.


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